Adelaide Track Camp 2016

We are soon bound for Switzerland and to say I’m excited would be an understatement. The past two weeks in Adelaide have been cold, provoking 5 layers of clothing on a typical reco ride.. 5! However; working on ‘pro-hours’ is definitely something I could get used to. Wake up late, eat, ride, sleep repeat. On the track we have done Team pursuit practise, team pursuit practise, and more team pursuit practise. Practising our swings and lines and starts and finishes and everything involved so our TP runs like clockwork. I think we have progressed really well as a team on and off the bike, and I cant wait to see how we compare to the worlds best. Yet, despite some ripper form, it all depends on the day, and the advice from Kaarle Mcculloch, a previous Olympian, is ADAPT. Going from the outdoor 330m track to the 250m in Adelaide makes for different pacing and conditions, however; the track in Switzerland is 200m, making for change again. We get to Switzerland on the 13th of July, and racing starts on the 20th, so we have about a week to have a ride on the track, settle into the time zone and adapt to whatever Switzerland has to offer.

Photo to Con Chronis

Off the bike Rik Fulcher, our manager, organised a number of seminars, including cooking classes so we can survive on more than 2 minute noodles. Other than that we have had social media talks and personal excellence talks.

We have been able to rub shoulders and access that vast knowledge bank of the HPU squad heading to Rio, and this is thanks to Rik and many people behind the scenes at Cycling Australia so that we can take the most away from this camp and apply it to the future.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for their support, you guys are incredible! Hopefully in less than a month we can turn these green and gold strips into some rainbows! I’ll keep you updated…

Riding to and from the track in freezing Adelaide || Photo credit to Brooke Tucker

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  1. Good luck Kristina, hope it all goes well for you. You’re an inspiration, and I’ll be following your progress with interest.

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