Worlds Wrap Up

IMG_7012.jpgHello, and welcome, thank you for tuning in once again to the Kristina weekly… that turned monthly to now a very belated worlds update.

What a big start to the year its been, and to say Im grateful for the opportunities that Ive had thus would be an understatement. My first world debut, it sounds good when I say it to myself, but competing in Hong Kong was merely the pinnacle of the journey.


The Journey: I was told before I departed to Adelaide by an opinion which I regard very highly,


“Be ambitious, get shit done, keep priorities straight, your mind right, and your head up.” 

I understood the concept but didn’t quite grasp the meaning. However, in Adelaide I understood. For the first time in my cycling career I have felt out of my comfort zone with the sheer talent of these women I was surrounded with. In saying that, I’d never felt so at home, yet so far away from home because of the women I was surrounded with. But as every cyclist who comes in and out of CA knows that cycling is hard, and if you are not 100% committed, there is a dozen other people who are, so my journey began into the elite ranks with high hopes, huge ambitions, a little bit of naivety, a wealth of knowledge surrounding me and a quote which I was yet to discover the meaning.


Hong Kong. The beautiful concrete jungle that managed to change my entire view of cycling. Event after event and world champion after world champion each with their own story, own journey, background, upbringing. Whether Kristina Vogel a multiple world champion or Mohd Azizulhasni Awang from Malaysia each one pulled some heart strings as they pulled on the rainbow jersey.


However, the obvious favourite for me was watching Jordan Kerby win the IP  and is something I will remember forever. Being a Queenslander and a good friend, I watched him ride a 4:12, however the moments after will stay with him… and me forever, heck I still get a lump in my throat just thinking about it

Jordan Kerby’s Gold Ride 


He is the definition of success, he is the definition of a athlete and through that ride he sparked a flame of determination because the way he raced, and his entire persona, is the way its meant to be done. Becoming a World Champion the way Kerby became World Champion, thats what I dream of.


Cycling is not a sport, its a test. A test of ones ability to remain physically and mentally strong and endure the repercussions if it turns out, or doesn’t. Its tests a person to their extremes, however; when surrounded by good people, with the right priorities, and the right mindset, the test, mentally or physically will be conquered.


Enjoy the journey.

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